Hardwood Floor Drying Federal Way

Hardwood Floor Drying

Flood Water Damage Restoration Federal Way by Advanced Water Restoration When you are faced with flooding or other standing water on your wood floors you will want to turn to the experts to professionally dry your floors quickly.  At Advanced Water Restoration we will work swiftly to try and preserve your wood flooring.  Water damage can be an emergency situation that can cause both structural damage and the growth of mold.   We have the extensive training and proper equipment to work on your flooring.  We are the cost-effective professionals for  quality hardwood floor drying and all types of water damage restoration services. To prevent further flooring damage and get your floors dried quickly give us a call today!

Importance of Drying Water Damaged Wood Flooring

Hardwood Floor Drying Federal Way

When hardwood flooring becomes damaged by moisture you will be looking at both mold problems and structural damage. The faster our professionals can arrive on-site and get your floors dry, the more likely your floors will be able to be salvaged.

When your floors get wet  you are working in an emergency situation because the  moisture content has been raised up. A high moisture content creates a good place for the growth of mold. When flooring is left to dry naturally you may be dealing with a high moisture content for weeks, while it only takes a couple of days for mold to thrive and start to spread causing safety hazards. Contact on Advanced Water Restoration immediately to avoid the mold issues.

Restoring a Hardwood Floor

Here’s what happens on a typical Federal Way floor drying call:

1. When we first arrive on-site we will conduct a complete assessment of the situation.  We will evaluate the damage to the wood, and also the nails and subflooring.  Occasionally hardwood floors can not be fixed so they will need to be spot replaced.  The longer the moisture has been left on the wood the greater the damage and the less likely the floor will be able to be restored in-tact. Hardwood flooring that has not completely buckled may be able to be saved. Every restoration situation and every floor is different- we will work our hardest to ensure that we save as much as possible at and affordable price.

2. The next step in the process is to remove all the bulk moisture.  This is the water that is visible on the surface or under the wood flooring.  When moisture is around the flooring the wood will continue to soak up the water and cause damage and an ideal environment for the growth of mold.

3. Finally, we will set up our professional restoration vacuum panels. These panels provide a high amount of dry air flow that will dry moisture quickly.

A Little More Information on Moisture and Wood Floors

No type of wood flooring can withstand prolonged exposure to moisture but every type of wood reacts differently to the wetness. Solid wood floors can be easily damaged by moisture but can be restored because they can be sanded and refinished.  Harder types of wood soak in the moisture slower than soft woods so they do not damage as easily.  For example oak floors can be saved easier than parquet flooring.

Pre-finished wood flooring may be damaged at a quicker rate than wood floors that are finished on-site. Engineered wood may take awhile to be initially damaged but engineered wood can not be refinished. Also laminate flooring has a low tolerance for water damage but can be spot replaced to fix the problem if necessary.

For any and all types of water damage give us a call and we will work with you to create an affordable plan to restore your house.  Advanced Water Restoration has the tools, experience and the training to dry your floors quickly and correctly.  Contact us, Federal Way, and we will exceed your expectations.

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