Hardwood Floor Drying Kirkland

Hardwood Floor Drying

Flood Water Damage Restoration Kirkland by Advanced Water Restoration When wood floors are exposed to moisture, it can lead to structural damage and mold growth.  You will want to work with professionals that have specific water damage training as well as the proper equipment to get your floors dried. The quicker you can get your floors dried, the less time there is for the moisture to cause extensive damage.  Advanced Water Restoration has been working in Kirkland to provide affordable, quality hardwood floor drying and general water damage restoration services, to try to save your wood flooring.  If you have a flooding or moisture problem on or in your hardwood flooring call us right away.

Importance of Drying Water Damaged Wood Flooring

Hardwood Floor Drying Kirkland

When hardwood flooring is water damaged you are going to deal with the effects of structural damage and mold. The quicker our professionals can get the floor dry, the more likely you will be able to avoid some adverse effects caused by the moisture, such as warping or “cupping” of the hardwoods.

When your floors get wet and the moisture content is raised  you are working against the clock. With the higher MC there is created an ideal environment for the growth of mold.  When the floors are left to dry on their own, the drying can take weeks or even months while it only takes 2-3 days for mold to grow in that environment. Call on Advanced Water Restoration immediately to avoid the mold issues.

Restoring a Hardwood Floor

Here’s an idea of how we will respond to a typical Kirkland hardwood floor drying call:

1. At first, our trained professionals will need to perform an inspection of the damage that has been caused to the floor by the water.  Sometimes wood floors are not able to be restored.  The greater the damage the less likely the floor can be recovered intact.  Floors that have cupped but not fully buckled may be able to be saved. We will determine if your water damaged floor is salvageable. Also you we will check the nails and the subfloor to see the extent of the damage to those areas.

2. After your floors have been examined the bulk moisture will need to be removed.  The wetness that is on top of the surface and also under the flooring will need to be dried as soon as possible because the wood continuously absorbs water which causes further damage.

3. Next, we set up our restoration vacuum panels. These increase the dry air flow and help your floor to dry quickly.

A Little More Information on Moisture and Wood Floors

Moisture on your wood floor can react in a variety of ways. No wood floor can withstand extreme, prolonged exposure to moisture, but wood floors react in diverse ways. Solid wood floors have the highest potential to be saved because the floor is not mixed with other materials and can be sanded and refinished.  It also depends how hard the wood is. Oak flooring can be restored easier than parquet flooring, this is because harder materials have a slower absorption rate.

Pre-finished wood flooring may be damaged at a quicker rate than on-site finished.  Engineered wood can deflect water but once damaged can not be refinished. Laminate flooring has a low tolerance for water damage but can be spot replaced to fix the problem if necessary.

When drying the floors it is also important for us to check for water at the substrate level.  Damage to under flooring can still be a supportive environment to mold and structural damage.

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