Mold Remediation Renton

Mold Remediation Renton

Mold Remediation

It is common to underestimate the severity of mold damage and the associated health risks in your home or business. Advanced Water Restoration mold remediation specialists eliminate these threats through professional clean-up and removal services—complete mold remediation in Renton.

Simply cleaning with bleach and water will not kill mold. The proper mold remediation Renton requires involves eliminating the spread of mold spores to other rooms. If it is not handled correctly cleaning efforts can actually spread mold. It is also a health threat to the person doing the cleaning if proper precautions are not taken. This involves removing moldy material and potential reconstruction, returning the structure to like new condition. Mold remediation is best performed by professionals who are trained to handle hazardous materials.

Health Risks of Mold – Renton

Concern about mold growth has increased as homes, schools and business owners have become better educated about the health risks of excessive mold exposure. These health risks as identified by the Environmental Protection Agency can range from allergic reaction, asthma or irritated eyes, ears, throats and lungs. Often times these symptoms go undiagnosed or are mistaken for allergies. Not finding the root of the health concerns can cause the symptoms to worsen as the exposure to mold continues.

In most homes today, children tend to spend more time indoors which makes them more at risk for these types of afflictions. In addition, many elderly live a sedentary lifestyle which also puts them at risk for contracting airborne illnesses.

Mold Remediation Renton WA

Mold Removal Renton

When you call us, our skilled, certified technicians know how to locate and identify every type of mold. All mold will be carefully removed so that spores are not allowed to spread. Where there is mold, there is moisture which can mean water damage as well. Our full-service contractors can handle mold remediation in Renton as well as any necessary reconstruction.

If you suspect you have a mold issue, why not call us today and setup a free on-site consultation. Our mold cleanup professionals can inspect your environment and provide you with a mold removal estimate. Ask us about our direct insurance billing for water damage restoration and mold remediation Renton, Seattle, and the surrounding area expects. If you suspect you have mold, don’t wait! Contact us today.

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