Mold Removal Renton

Mold Removal

Mold Removal Renton

Mold is a common problem in buildings that have experienced water damage. However, in the Northwest there does not need to be such sever circumstances for mold to become a serious problem. The dampness in the air, the condensation on window sills, or the smallest leak in a roof or foundation can all create the perfect conditions for mold to set in. When you see mold, don’t wait. Call Advanced Water Restoration for professional mold removal in Renton.

When mold does set in it can advance quickly. It often takes hold in many areas that are not generally visible. When this happens it can take over a home without the residents even being aware. That is why it is so important to get it taken care of quickly—at the first sign of mold. Even having a regular inspection, before you see warning signs, is a good idea in our wet climate.

Renton Mold Removal Professionals

Mold needs to be taken care of carefully. The spores are very easily kicked into the air and spread. That is why regular cleaning of your home is not enough. Mold also creates serious health risks that make cleaning it a problem. If specific precautions are not taken, the attempt to clean mold can make a person ill.

Our professional mold removal in Renton done with extreme care. We ensure that the spores are not spread and the affected areas are cleared and treated of all mold.

Mold Removal and Reconstruction Renton

Mold Removal Renton Washington

Because mold often sets into areas where water has been present, there is often structural damage. Our certified contractors are able to safely handle mold remediation and rebuild any damaged areas. We guarantee all mold will be eliminated and the new material will be mold-free.

Because mold spores are airborne they are easy to breathe in and can be a serious risk to one’s health. Mold can cause such symptoms as irritated eyes, nose, and throat, respiratory distress, and lung infections. The more mold a person is exposed to, the more serious the risk can become. People with mold allergies are particularly at risk, as are people with asthma.

If you see mold, call for an inspection. We are able to work on residential or commercial buildings alike, and our mold removal Renton professionals have the expertise to know where to look and to identify all types of mold.

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