Mold Testing Federal Way

Mold Testing Federal Way

Mold Testing Federal Way
Mold can cause a wide range of problems, and you may not even realize you have any without mold testing in Federal Way by Advanced Water Restoration. Home to a wide ranging variety of biomes, the Northwest has an extended rainy season and high levels of moisture can effect mold growth. Over 2/3 of our state’s annual rainfall happens between October and March. Take the inner warmth of a property, add a little moisture, and you’ve got the perfect conditions for mold growth.

Some varieties of mold are harmless, like the kind in blue cheese or many varieties of bread mold. The type of mold that grows in businesses and homes can be quite hazardous to your health. Mold testing in Federal Way can identify these molds before they become a major problem, and we can restore your property.

Professional Mold Testing

With the latest equipment on hand, we believe in providing the most accurate mold testing in Federal Way. 30 years in the industry has taught us everything there is to know about mold, and continual training keeps our highly trained and certified staff on the cutting edge of mold testing innovations. Our employee’s certifications come from the industry leading IICRC, the gold standard for training and testing in mold identification, testing, and restoration. That’s why mold can’t hide from our technicians.

Mold is stealthy and invasive. If you’ve located it through line of sight, it means there is oftentimes significantly more mold that you cannot see. Soapy water isn’t enough, and you want to be sure all your mold is located and removed. Mold testing is the first step, and we’ll find it no matter where it is. That includes walls, floorboards, ceiling tiles, and every other place it hides. Don’t let mold affect the rest of your life, get mold testing.

When to get Mold Testing

Federal Way Mold Testing

  • Allergic Symptoms – Mold can illicit a number of different allergic symptoms. Everything from sinus congestion, sneezing, itchy eyes, a sore throat, or difficulty breathing may occur. If you believe mold may be present, mold testing is a must. This is especially true if your allergies seem worse indoors than they do outdoors. Black mold also grows prolifically in the Northwest, and this strain can cause permanent effects if left untreated.
  • Seeing Molds – Spotting mold means you have a problem. Mold testing in Federal Way can tell you how extensive that problem is. The sooner you catch and repair it, the better. Mold comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. It may appear flaky, stringy, or look like stains. Colors vary wildly and may include black, white, red, and yellow. Our technicians are trained in identification and can begin immediate remediation.
  • Water Problems – An old saying in the construction industry is, “Where there’s water, there’s mold.” That’s because one so frequently precedes the other. Flooding, leaks, or pooling water can all aid in increasing moisture levels. These conditions allow mold to thrive. Our technicians are trained to repair and restore water damaged areas, including those that have been affected by mold.

Now that you know the signs, don’t ignore them. Risking permanent health effects from mold related illnesses isn’t necessary when professional mold testing in Federal way is just a phone call away. Call (206) 450-0990 or Contact Us.

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