Mold Testing Kent

Mold Testing Kent

Mold Testing Kent
Mold causes a number of problems, and you may not realize it’s effecting you without mold testing in Kent by Advanced Water Restoration. The Northwest is renowned for its rain, 2/3 of which occurs during the months between October and March. Add the inner warmth of your home to the moisture in the air, and it creates ideal conditions for mold growth.

There are many harmless mold varieties, like those in blue cheese or many bread mold types. Unfortunately, mold that frequently grows in homes and business can be extremely hazardous to humans. Mold testing in Kent can discover these molds before larger problems occur.

Professional Mold Testing

We use top of the line equipment for incredibly accurate mold testing in Kent. Continual training keeps our technicians trained in industry advances, supplementing extensive certifications. All our employees are certified by the IICRC. As the gold standard for testing and training in mold testing, identification, and restoration, our staff is comprised of some of the industries best and brightest. If you’ve got mold, our technicians will find it.

It can be difficult to swallow, but if you see visible indications of mold there is often more you cannot see. That’s because mold frequently grows in ceilings, walls, under floorboards, and other difficult to view locations. Soapy water doesn’t cut it. If our mold testing locates areas of mold we’ll track and map the scope of the problem. Services don’t end there though. Our technicians are fully trained in mold remediation and restoration, and can repair your property back to its pre-mold state.

When to Get Mold Testing

Kent Mold Testing

  • Allergy Symptoms

    – Mold can be responsible for a wide array of allergic symptoms. There are some rudimentary ways to narrow it down, but mold testing is the best way to determine if they are mold related. One thing to be wary of is when they get worse. If symptoms are worse inside the home than outside, they may be mold related. Mold related symptoms include sore throat, sinus congestion, sneezing, itchy eyes, and difficulty breathing. Black mold grows exceptionally well in our climate, and produces deadly mycotoxins. These may cause blindness, brain damage, or even death.

  • Seeing Mold – If you’ve spotted mold in your home, you already have a problem. Professional mold testing is your best tool in determining how far it has spread. Different mold species can have radically different appearances. Physical structures range from flaky to stringy or patchy. Common Northwest mold colors include white, black, light green and more. Our technicians can positively identify what kind of mold you have.
  • Water Problems – Once of the most common precursors to mold growth is water damage. Flooding, leaks, burst pipes, and pooling can all lead to excessive moisture. Mold favors these environments and will grow unfettered if the damage isn’t repaired and current mold isn’t removed. Our technicians can do both. The sooner you have water related problems dealt with, the less likely you are to need extensive restoration.

Now that you know some of what you should watch out for, trust your knowledge and take action if you see signs of mold. Don’t risk property damage and health effects when affordable mold testing in Kent is just a phone call away. Call (206) 450-0990 or Contact Us for reliable, fast, and thorough mold testing today.

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