Odor Treatment Renton

Odor Treatment Renton

Odor Treatment

Spot, Stain & Odor Removal

Today’s carpets have built-in protection against most spots and stains, making cleanup easy and quick. As a carpet ages, this protection wears off, making removal of spills and odors more difficult. For the odor treatment Renton depends on, call the professionals at Advanced Water Restoration

Some spills, such as hot drinks or pet urine, can break through the protective finishes on brand new carpets, causing stains that are difficult to remove.

Color-added spots such as Kool-Aidâ„¢, mustard or red wine can actually dye your carpet fibers and make stain removal very difficult. We have a full arsenal of stain removal products to assist in removing even the most difficult spots.

In situations where the stain is permanent, we may be able to section in a new piece of carpet in place of the damaged piece without having to replace the entire carpet.

The majority of odors that we are asked to remove are a result of pets that stay indoors. Today, it seems that homeowners leave their pets inside more then ever before.
The severity of these odors is often underestimated by homeowners as they become somewhat desensitized to the smell over time. However on humid days or when there is an attempt to sell the home, the odor may become very apparent.

Over-the-counter products that are sprayed or sprinkled onto the carpet will usually only mask the smell for a short period of time. These odors can successfully be removed; however, it takes professional-strength products to counteract the odor.

In severe cases, the backing of the carpet has to be treated along with the sub floor. We have the training and the products for proper odor removal, oftentimes at a substantial savings over carpet replacement.

In addition to pet odors, we pride ourselves in the removal of other types of odors, such as smoke, skunk, water damage, and general type odors.

Carpet Cleaning Odor Treatment Renton

Carpet Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning removes soil and stains that other cleaners leave behind.

First, our powerful dry vacuum system removes the loose soil. Our cleaning solution then penetrates carpet fibers and gently loosens trapped dirt and tough stains. Next, we gently lift away the soil and moisture with our powerful floor cleaning machine. Finally, we groom the carpet fibers to look and feel like new.

We know you will be so satisfied with how good you carpets look, feel, and smell, that you will want to tell your friends about us.

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