Water Damage Restoration Kirkland

Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration Kirkland

Water Damage can be devastating. It can happen out of nowhere. A bursting pipe, a downed tree on a rainy day, a collapsed roof. All can lead to water damage emergencies if you don’t act fast and contact an emergency water extraction team. Even though it can be scary, even though it can be sudden, there’s one thing that water damage never has to be. Permanent. With Advanced Water Restoration performing your water damage restoration in Kirkland, you can stop putting your life on hold.

Whether you have damage to your home or your business, we can help. Our protocol system for water damage restoration has been carefully honed to provide our customers with the most concise and swift restoration available. With a rapid response time and exceptional service, it is no wonder we are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification.

Water Damage Restoration Services

We believe in comprehensive care, and that’s why at Advanced Water Restoration we offer over a dozen water damage restoration services. Our experts will quickly analyze your unique situation in order to ensure you receive the services you need to ensure a successful water damage restoration of your property. Services include:

  • Emergency Water Extraction – We can arrive at your residence within 90 minutes, fully prepared to perform emergency water extraction. This is integral in many cases as water damage is progressive. What can be accomplished with water damage restoration if you begin extraction in the first two hours of your water problem is radically different than what can be accomplished after 24 hours. At the 48 hour mark if you have not had water extraction performed you are often looking at major renovations and damages, so don’t wait to call.
  • Hardwood Floor Drying – This is a procedure we perform on hardwood floors. Unlike concrete, tile floors, or carpet, hardwood floors need to be dried with special equipment. Our technicians are skilled in the placement and use of this equipment and can dry your hardwood floors out both from above and below. This ensures the integrity and stability of your floors and also prevents the growth of mold below. This provides us with the opportunity to save your hardwood floors and potentially save you the cost of having to re-floor the water damaged area.

When you need fast, friendly water damage restoration from a team of professionals with your best interest in mind, call us! Our system was designed around the customer, and that’s why we’re the best in Kirkland. Call us today at (206) 450-0990.

Water Damage Restoration Kirkland

Water Damage Restoration Kirland Washington

Kirkland, WA is a gorgeous city that is home to a beautiful downtown waterfront. Nestled on Lake Washington’s shores, the city claims to have more beaches and waterfront parks than any other in the Puget Sound. It is also home to some creative businesses, Monolith Productions creator of Shadow of Mordor as well as a Google development office call Kirkland home.

Local artists have installed many statues throughout Kirkland, and an intrepid art explorer could spend all day looking at them. Citizens looking for all of their fun in one place can enjoy the Peter Kirk Community Center. The center offers both a public outdoor pool and swimming instruction all summer long.

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