Water Damage Restoration Seattle

Water Damage Restoration Seattle

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is progressive. That means that when your business or home starts to accumulate water damage there isn’t time to wait. What may seem like a trickle one moment, can quickly turn into a flood, and minor damage that didn’t require costly repairs at problem hour number 1 now means extensive renovations to the property at hour 48. At Advanced Water Restoration we have over 30 years of experience responding to water damage emergencies. Whatever stage you’re at, we’re trained in identifying the source, stopping it, and managing the damage. When your property has been compromised by the elements, call us for water damage restoration in Seattle.

There are a number of particular methods we use when completing your water damage restoration, and our services cover residential properties, commercial properties, and include carpet services.

Water Damage Restoration Services

Structural Drying

Structures can suffer extreme amounts of damage due to water, but no matter how bad it may seem, all is not lost. Our Seattle, WA water damage restoration services include a specialized 4 step process intended to bring your structure back to its original, pre-damaged state. This includes the physical removal of any standing water, be it an entirely flooded out sub-floor or a puddle in the hallway. Using a series of high velocity fans we then dry the rest of the area. This is followed closely by dehumidifying of the air and tightly kept control of surrounding air temperatures.

Hardwood Floor Drying

The importance of correctly drying your hardwood floors cannot be overstated. Our unique systems and years of experience allow us to identify whether or not your floor can be saved, so that you know we won’t go to work unless results are achievable. If your floor can be saved, we’ll save it. After removing the bulk water we’ll use floor restoration panels to heat dry your floor from the top and bottom.

Mold Removal

When you have mold problems, they need to be taken care of by a professional. Bleach just doesn’t cut it, and that’s why we offer complete mold remediation as part of our water damage restoration in Seattle, WA. Many mold types can be hazardous to your health, and if a trained professional isn’t handling removal, it can spread to other areas of your property and continue to grow undisturbed.

We also offer a host of additional water damage restoration services to fit any need.

Water Damage Restoration in Seattle

Water Damage Restoration Seattle Washington

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