Water Damage West Seattle

Water Damage Restoration West Seattle

Complete Water Damage Restoration

When there has been a water leak in your home or business you do not want to wait to get it repaired because sitting water will continue to cause damage and can create even more hazards like being an ideal environment for the growth of mold or water can eventually create structural damage to your building.  So when you have a leak do not delay- call a professional whom can mitigate and restore the havoc caused by water. At Advanced Water Restoration we have over 30 years of experience responding to water damage emergencies; and we know the importance of timely response so we will quickly arrive on-site to help.  We offer full and complete water damage restoration and we stand behind our quality work.  We are the team of water damage specialists that West Seattle has come to rely on.  

Water Damage Restoration Services

Structural Drying

When your building has sustained water damage you may urgently need structural drying to ensure that the water does not completely destroy your structure.  Our West Seattle, WA water damage restoration specialists will use a four step process when bringing back your home or business structure to it’s pre-damaged state. First we make sure there is no visible  standing water, then we use our industrial high velocity fans to dry up the remaining water.  Also in our process we dehumidify the air and keep control of surrounding air temperatures.

Hardwood Floor Drying

When your hardwood floors get wet they need to be completely dried as quickly as possible to salvage the floors.  We will work quickly and hard to save your hardwood floors and work with you on a plan for restoration. After removing the standing liquid we’ll use floor heat panels to dry your floor on all of it’s surfaces.

Mold Removal

When water damage is not completely taken care of quickly an ideal environment for mold growth can be created.  When you notice or smell mold you will want to contact a mold removal specialist to make sure that it is completely remediated.   Many mold types can be dangerous to your health, and if a trained professional isn’t handling removal, it can spread to other areas of your building and continue to grow.

We also offer a host of other water damage restoration services to fit any need. Just give us a call and we will come out to your site and work with you on a plan that will restore your building.

Water Damage Specialists

At Advanced Water Restoration we are fully certified and have on-going training to make sure that your water damage is fixed right.  We also have the tools and equipment to get the job done swiftly and work hard to make your experience stress-free. For all your water emergencies give us a call we are ready to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us today!

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